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(Host) : Brian Hooker
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Welcome Waste Detectives

The Waste Detectives book provides a framework for capturing and quantifying data on waste. With case studies involving Scrum Masters, Product Owners and senior leaders and practical exercises you’ll have everything you need to change mindsets, reduce WIP and improve flow.

Who We Are

Brian Hooker
Brian is a Business Agility Lead. He has worked in transformation across a spectrum of roles, from testing, system engineering and analysis to transformational coaching. He’s worked in software companies that are purely focused on their product as well as those with bespoke, enterprise-wide solutions.

Richard Moir
Richard was a commissioned officer for 10 years in the British Army before transitioning into business change for the next 20 years. Richard then went into programme management for a number of years before moving into consultancy. Today, he consults on Agile and Systems Thinking as a Head Transformational Coach.

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